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Sunday, March 18, 2018


15 January 2010 - 9:04pm
The management strategy of LG Chem, Ltd. in 2010 aims to hold the industry’s top position by executing “Speed Management” in order to accelerate restructuring organizational culture of the entire...
15 January 2010 - 8:56pm
The petrochemical industry in 2010 is expected to experience a recession in the second half of the year following the morose start in the first half, since the aggregate demand in the industry has a...
15 January 2010 - 8:52pm
What is the future of the telecommunications industry? Lee Sang-chul, the new CEO of the unified LG Telecom, seems to know the answer to this tough question. According to Lee, LG Telecom will be the...
15 January 2010 - 8:50pm
In the telecommunications industry, new subscribers for services have been a key feature in determining market conditions. As penetration rates for major telecommunications services such as fixed...
15 January 2010 - 8:47pm
The IT industry is expected to take the initiative in the growth of the Korean economy in 2010. According to outlooks by industry pundits, semiconductor makers will enjoy the biggest-ever boom while...
15 January 2010 - 8:44pm
The auto industry, a highly concentrated field featuring less than a dozen major manufacturers who account for over 75% of the entire market, anticipates escaping from their record breaking slump,...
15 January 2010 - 8:40pm
“The year 2010 means a year of challenges and hopes to Hyundai Steel,” said Park Seung-ha, President of Hyundai Steel in his New Year’s message to employees. “This is because the company will enter...
15 January 2010 - 8:39pm
Steel demand is expected to pick up following ameliorating conditions in the economy and a knee-jerk reaction to the devastating sell-off in demand in 2009, even though realization of the rosy...
15 January 2010 - 8:14pm
The Korean economy is expected to grow 4% or 5% in 2010, according to recent forecasts by domestic and foreign economic organizations and research centers at major Korean business groups such as...
15 January 2010 - 8:09pm
Kumho Asiana Group, Korea’s eighth largest conglomerate, announced its decision to put Kumho Industrial Co., Ltd. and Kumho Tires Co., Inc. under workout process during a press conference held at...
15 January 2010 - 8:06pm
Korean banks and financial groups unveiled their business strategies and plans for the upcoming Year of the Tiger. They predicted that many uncertainties still surround the Korean economy and that...
15 January 2010 - 8:03pm
Controversy over the revision of the Sejong City Project is unlikely to stop for the time being. In January, Prime Minister Chung Un-chan announced a revised master plan for the development of Sejong...


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