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Sunday, March 18, 2018

“Ahead” users are able to make calls or listen to music via Bluetooth technology.
“Ahead” users are able to make calls or listen to music via Bluetooth technology.
31 May 2017 - 11:15am
Michael Herh

It is not easy to communicate with one another with helmets on. This is because it is an environment where it is difficult to block ears or manipulate cell phones. For those who wanted to safely enjoy communicative pleasure, a smart device was invented. The device is “Ahead,” a smart communication device for helmet users, developed by Analog Plus headquartered in a start-up startup in the Gyeonggi Economic Innovation Center.

'Ahead' is a Bluetooth-based small communication device. The device, which is based on connection with mobiles, not only provides a connection with music or voice-based navigation, but also provides notifications such as phone call and message notifications. Users can have two-way call communication and multi-party conversations.

With the gadget on, anyone can listen to music, talk with friends, while enjoying skiing and snowboarding. The headset also comes in handy when people ride bicycles or motorcycles. The device can be used much more safely than other Bluetooth headsets because it does not block the ears, allowing users to recognize their surrounding environments.

Unlike other products that need to be inserted into helmets or used with auxiliary devices, 'Ahead' is simply put on helmets without a complicated installation process. Users do not need a separate speaker or microphone because 'Ahead' plays the roles of a speaker and a microphone.

A technological breakthrough called an 'oscillator' makes the device possible. The oscillator vibrates a helmet itself by turning sound into vibration so that the sound can be heard through the entire helmet.

In addition, noise canceling allows you to capture your voice only in the surrounding environment and transmit it. Therefore, users can talk to one another even in the sound of wind while skiing or in loud noises at construction sites.

"We were able to verify the marketability of Ahead while receiving much attention by showcasing the device at the CES and the MWC that took place in January this year," said Park Jae-heung, CEO of Analog Plus who worked at C-Lab of Samsung Electronics. “We are very excited about launching the product in Kickstarter, the world's largest crowdfunding platform. Ahead is on the way to the Kickstart launch on May 31. We will begin to roll out and deliver the product in as early as July.



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