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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Korea Forest Service Minister Kim Jae-hyun is delivering his inaugural speech.
Korea Forest Service Minister Kim Jae-hyun is delivering his inaugural speech.
18 August 2017 - 11:45am
Choi Mun-hee

Kim Jae-hyun, who was appointed as the 31st minister of the Korea Forest Service on July 18, said in his inaugural speech that he would create a circular economy of forest resources so that forest industry participants can increase their income and more jobs can be created in the industry.

“The South Korean government has played a leading role in the industry so far, achieving some remarkable results in the field of resource enrichment and forest welfare, but the government-led growth has been insufficient when it comes to market activation, forestry-based income expansion and forest development,” he pointed out, adding, “I am convinced that the forest industry is one of the most suitable fields for the realization of income-led growth, which is a key part of the Moon Jae-in administration’s policy goals.”

He continued to say, “More investment in the forest and forestry and a higher level of fiscal efficiency will lead to job creation and resource enrichment, and then more people will take a rest in the forest and related services will be further diversified.”

“The value that is created as a result will enrich the lives of the people including those in the industry, resulting in a virtuous cycle ensuring reinvestment,” he remarked. He also mentioned as his five keywords: Growth based on forest resource circulation; Communication based on the forest; Innovation led by the Korea Forest Service; Job Creation in the forest industry; and Global Cooperation and Restoration of Abandoned Forests in North Korea.



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