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Friday, March 23, 2018

Shopping Tourism Festival for Foreigners

Visit-Korea Committee to Hold 2018 Korea Grand Sale

The official poster of the 2018 Korea Grand Sale.
The official poster of the 2018 Korea Grand Sale.
Seoul, Korea
8 January 2018 - 12:15pm
Lee Song-hoon

The Visit-Korea Committee will hold the 2018 Korea Grand Sale,a shopping, culture and tourism festival for foreigners from January 18 to February 28.(

First of all, the committee will hold Special Hospitality Week (Jan. 26 to Feb. 25) as many foreigners are expected to visit Korea for the Korea Grand Sale and the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games. They will set up temporary tourist information centers and event centers in seven major areas to provide tourist information and interpretation services During Special Hospitality Week to be held in conjunction with the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

In particular, a number of companies from the Olympic host, Gangwon Province, will participate to further enrich the Korea Grand Sale. Hansol Oak Valley Resort, Welli Hilli Park and other resort operators in Gangwon Province, offering discounts and souvenir gifts to showcase the province’s charms and free gifts to user of the travel service “K Travel Bus” and hold Free Bus Ride Day (February 13). In addition, more benefits will be given to foreign tourists who want to enjoy temple stay programs. That is to say, ten temples nationwide including Woljeong Temple and Baekdam Temple in Gangwon Province, will offer 20% discounts of their temple stay programs.

Another pleasure of the 2018 Korea Grand Sale will be 'Brand Day' which will run for 42 days. The committee will make special new offers every day during the Korea Grand Sale period. Shinsegae Duty Free Shop will offer a 5,000 won gift certificate for anyone who purchases goods worth over US$ 1 (February 16) and Woongjin Play City will give 100 people free admissions on a first-come-first-served basis on a specific day. Moreover, Paradise, Seven Luck Casino, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, N Seoul Tower, Seoul Land among others will offer special Brand Day benefits.

On top of that, Korean Air will hold a free airline ticket event for customers purchasing tickets to South Korea from Southeast Asia and Oceania. Asiana Airlines will offer up to 60% discounts on air tickets to Korea from China, Southeast Asia and Europe and free service for one additional piece of baggage for passengers traveling to Japan and Southeast Asia. Jeju Air will offer up to 95% discounts on air tickets to South Korea from abroad.

Lotte Hotel will offer coupons for Lotte Duty Free Shop gift cards (40,000 won) and Lotte City Hotel and L7 Myeong-dong coupons for Lotte Duty Free gift cards (20,000 won) to foreign guests. You can get a 10% special discount with a Korea Grand Sale coupon at Seoul Sky Observatory of Lotte World Tower Mall. Hana Tour will offer a 20% discount on the newly opened Running Man Experience Center and 55% discounts on Mark Hotel (Tmark Grand, Tmark, Center Mark Hotel).

The Visit Korea Committee will offer foreign tourists more various services of the Korea Tour Card which provides transportation and discounts for foreign tourists and the Hands Free Service which allows foreign tourists to enjoy traveling in Korea with their baggage moved and stored between major spots. During the Korea Grand Sale, a special promotion will be held to give Korea Tour Cards to 5,000 foreigners through a sweepstake event. The committee will also provide the Hands Free Service, a baggage delivery and storage service between major spots, with up to 50% discounts, so that foreigners will be able to enjoy shopping without worrying about their baggage.

"As the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games will be held during the Korea Grand Sale period, we are making every effort to create a festive mood and welcome foreign visitors to Korea,” said Han Kyung-ah, secretariat of the Visit Korea Committee. “With the Korea Grand Sale as momentum, we will make endeavors to revitalize the Korean tourism industry which has been sluggish."


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