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Friday, March 23, 2018

The front view of a FIRST Myeongdong Hotel.
The front view of a FIRST Myeongdong Hotel.
25 October 2016 - 11:15am
Lee Song-hoon

According to Style Loft Global, a hotel development and project management service provider, on October 24, Samhee Co. has renovated its Sam-Duk Building with 60 years of history to a hotel to preserve the traditional building rather than tearing it down. Style Loft Global will run the hotel.

a FIRST Myeongdong Hotel, which is to open on November 1, is located in the Urban Environmental Improvement Project Zone in Da-dong of Mugyo area. Currently, Da-dong is one of lagging regions in central Seoul but there are a lot of old restaurants such as Yong Geum Oak with 90 years of history, Boo Min Ok with 60 years of history and Mugyo-dong Bugeogukjip (dried Pollack soup restaurant) which is also beloved by foreign tourists. In particular, Yong Geum Oak is a restaurant specializing in Chutang, or Mudfish soup, and visited by former North Korea Prime Minister Yeon Hyung-mook.

a FIRST Myeongdong Hotel ( plans to offer services for the co-prosperity with the region. It is considering introducing old restaurants in the area in four languages on its official website. The hotel will also include specific information about old restaurants in Da-dong in its employee service manual and help them to recommend the restaurants to customers. In addition, a FIRST Myeongdong Hotel, in cooperation with old restaurants, will take artistic photos of Da-dong and exhibit them at the hotel, carrying out various promotional activities to revitalize the neighborhood. 


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