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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Mobile 3D mapping device
Mobile 3D mapping device
20 January 2016 - 12:15pm
Cho Jin-young

Korea University announced on January 19 that its research team developed a device and technique for mobile 3D indoor mapping that allow 3D indoor maps to be drawn up based on instantaneous indoor image and distance detection. The new developments are characterized by a backpack combined with a laser sensor, a gravity sensor, an omnidirectional camera and so on for complete indoor image reproduction.

“Precise 3D maps can be drawn up by means of GPS outdoors, but our technique can be more useful in terms of time and cost unless an extremely precise reproduction as in the case of cultural properties is required,” the research team explained.

“Based on our technique, complete 3D maps can be made that surpass some portal sites’ Road View services in which 2D maps are attached to one another to look like 3D maps, and our technique allows the maps to be made during a movement unlike the Google Jump and Samsung Electronics’ Project Beyond,” the team added.

Details of the research are available on the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters. The research team has registered four patents both in and out of Korea with regard to the research and seven more are currently pending. Korea University mentioned that this technology is about to be put to commercial use through a technology transfer to a location based service provider.


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