Bazaar for the Underpriviledged: WeMakePrice to Hold Bazaar with New Brand Designers for the Underprivileged | BusinessKorea

Sunday, March 18, 2018

10 December 2015 - 10:15am

WeMakePrice, one of South Korea's biggest social commerce platforms, is holding an online bazaar called “W BAZAAR” to support the underprivileged, along with new designer brands such as Jhonny West, Luv Is True, Chloe & Price and Cheap Monday & J.Daul.

Starting with Jhonny West, Luv Is True, new designer brands will participate in the bazaar for three to four days – Chloe & Prica on Dec. 11, Cheap Monday & J.Daul on Dec. 15, Hackesch on Dec. 18 and Ordinary People on Dec. 22.

Two percent of profits made in the W BAZAAR during the period will be delivered to the underprivileged through Korean Red Cross.

As one of the brand in the W BAZAAR to be held until Dec. 25, Luv Is True is inspired by simple, minimal and colorful things and offers witty contemporary items every season. Also, Ordinary People is a brand that draws extraordinariness which is inherent in ordinary people.

WeMakePrice has opened “new designer hall” in July to provide new distribution channels for many new designers and offer more sensible fashion trends for customers. In the new designer hall, customers can purchase products of various new designer brands at up to 60 percent discounted prices.


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