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Sunday, February 25, 2018

A new structuring of the state-run gas company KOGAS is on the way quite differently from the past.
A new structuring of the state-run gas company KOGAS is on the way quite differently from the past.
Seoul, Korea
4 February 2018 - 8:15pm
Jung Min-hee

Cheong Seung-Il, the president & CEO of KOGAS, said on February 1 that he will execute restructuring of the company. That is a follow-up measure of his implementing the ‘Emergency Management System’ to overcome any sudden change in the business environment and secure a quick internal stabilization, which he took office as the CEO in January this year.  

Since his inauguration, the restructuring process has been carried out in a quite different way from the previous ones in terms that it puts employees at the center of the restructuring initiatives, taking their opinions, sharing of information, and drawing numerous discussions to lead to a better acceptance of changes for the reorganization.

Such an innovative management system will be incorporated into a responsible management through stabilizing and strengthening LNG procurement, securing the supply of natural gas, activating technology developments and pursuing sustainable future growth based on cooperation with the gas industry and the public as a state-run enterprise.

As the first step for it, the company will put the Strategic Planning Division including the Department of Strategic Management and Innovation Management under the direct control by the CEO. The Division will assist business planning and coordination, secure budget, and become the control tower for establishing strategies and management systems including for future growth, technology development, human-resource development and performance assessment.

Through the structural change, KOGAS primarily aims to build a foundation to actively respond to the drastic changes in the global natural gas market and strengthen its competency to secure cost-effective natural gas for Korean households and businesses based on the accumulated core competency of KOGAS in the natural gas field. 

In addition, the Overseas Production Department and Business Supply Department will be merged into the Overseas Infrastructure Business Department and will be under the Technology Management Division in order to focus on domestic production and supply of safe and stable natural gas. Further for the field safety, the title for Technical Senior Executive Vice President will be changed to Senior Executive Vice President of Technical Safety to effectively make complete preparations and countermeasures for any emergency situations.

To increase the involvement of and communications with the public, the Public Relations Office will be put directly under the CEO, which is expected to allow stronger relations with the media and an easier flow of the internal and external information related to KOGAS. Corporate Cooperation Department also will be reorganized and managed by Corporate Management Vice President in order to achieve social values and contributions as a public firm.

In particular, the Environmental Protection Team will be set up for active response to climate changes and new policies following the change. The ICT Convergence Team also will be established at the New Growth Business Department to make systematic responses, action plans, and ICT Infrastructure for the 4th industrial revolution.

“The restructuring of KOGAS will commit us back to our rightful duty and supply safe and stable natural gas throughout the nation to enhance public services,” CEO Cheong said, adding, “By doing our utmost to fulfill the government’s project ‘The Value and Realization of Mutual Growth and Development,’ our company will become a public company that gains trust from the public."  


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