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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Chung Jen Feng, vice president of Wanda Media.
Chung Jen Feng, vice president of Wanda Media.
4 September 2015 - 9:45am
Jung Min-hee

Chung Jen Feng, vice president of Wanda Media, said at the 4th KOFIC Global Forum held in KCCI on Sept. 3 that Korea is the only Asian country that can compete with Hollywood’s cultural hegemony.

“I think that Korea is the most advanced country in Asia in film industrialization and systems, and the only Asian country that can compete with Hollywood’s cultural hegemony. I think China has a lot to learn from Korea, like how to deal with American hegemony, and what measures to take in order to advance China’s film industry. So, I expect that cooperation between the two countries will expand in the future.”

Chung visited Korea to participate in the 4th KOFIC Global Forum, which took place at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul for two days from Sept. 2, and to discuss how to converge with information communication technology (ICT), which is recently the talk of the town in the film industry. Since he has close ties with Korean film producers and production companies, he will stay in Korea until Sept. 6 to visit several firms.

He said, “The Korean movie that I recently saw is 'Assassination.' Actress Jun Ji-hyun’s charm stood out in the movie. I have seen several joint films of her in Hong Kong, but I found this most attractive. I think the actress could shine in the movie, since the outstanding director showed his ability to the full. This is the strength of Korean movies.”

Founded in 2011, Wanda Media is rapidly growing in China after releasing a lot of movies in a short period of time, such as “Police Story 2014” and the theatrical cut of “Hurry Up, Brother”, which is a Chinese version of Korean TV show “Running Man.” He said, “The unique part of Wanda Media from China’s other five major film companies is the fact that it is a subsidiary of the Wanda Group, which encompasses a wide range of business areas. With the group having high hopes for the company, we are cooperating with firms around the world. Also, we are aiming to become the most powerful film producer in the world some time.”

Regarding to the fact that Korea is a country that frequently cooperates with China more than other Asian countries, he said that it is due to the cultural and historical similarity between the two countries and the popularity of Korean stars in China. Above all things, however, it is because Korea has high competitiveness due to its advanced film system. “China’s movie industry now has a lot in common with Korea. To be sure, Korea is a step ahead, so China will follow a similar pattern in the future,” he added.


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