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Monday, October 23, 2017

The Galaxy S Dual Edge wraps its screen around both edges of the device.
The Galaxy S Dual Edge wraps its screen around both edges of the device.
26 February 2015 - 3:49pm
Cho Jin-young

The popularization of curved displays, which are the first step toward flexible displays, is getting started through smartphones.  

Smartphones with curved displays that were first rolled out two years ago are considered to be pilot products, but recent models are aimed at popularization. Hence, the industry is expected to pay a lot of attention to the Galaxy S Dual Edge, which is scheduled to be unveiled on March 1. Much attention is being paid to what kinds of features will be available on its curved edge.

According to industry sources on Feb. 25, the dual-edge screen used in the Galaxy S Dual Edge is reportedly narrower and less curved than that of the Galaxy Note Edge. 

Therefore, experts are saying that it will be difficult to utilize the new model's curved edge as much as the Galaxy Note Edge does, where a wider use of the screen is possible. Another strength of the old model is that users can utilize the large screen without interruption, since all toolbar buttons are placed on the right or left edges.

Galaxy smartphones usually have around a five inch screen size. The Galaxy S6 is also expected to be a 5.1-inch model. The Galaxy S Dual Edge, which has generally the same hardware as the Galaxy S6, is likely to be similar in size. An industry source said, “The size of the Galaxy S Dual Edge is smaller than the Galaxy Note Edge. So, it was presumably difficult to enlarge its dual-edge screen.” The source added, “I think that there will be no message alarm or information storage functions, owing to the narrowed screen.” The model's decreased curved edge and adjusted angle is said to reflect Samsung's intention to improve the manufacturing yield of curved displays and manufacture as many products as possible.

Since it is difficult to provide different types of functions using the right or left edge of the screen, the Galaxy S Dual Edge is likely to set itself apart only by its design. Its less-curved screen will probably give users a good grip with their fingers. Moreover, the new model is expected to receive a warm response from consumers who are looking for something unique.


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