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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Temperature Controlled by Smartphones

LG U+ Released IoT Thermostat in Alliance with Honeywell

IoT thermostat of LG U+. (photo courtesy: LG U+)
IoT thermostat of LG U+. (photo courtesy: LG U+)
Seoul, Korea
13 December 2017 - 11:30am
Cho Jin-young

LG U+ released an IoT thermostat with Honeywell on December 12 so that customers can use Honeywell thermostats connected to IoT@home, an IoT app of LG U+, based on their smartphones and the temperatures of the rooms in their houses can be controlled around the clock both at home and outside.

The IoT@home app sounds an alarm when heating remains turned on for too long. In addition, heating costs are shown in detail in graphs and tables so waste of energy can be avoided. Those using previously installed Honeywell thermostats can use the IoT function after replacing their products with smart WiFi thermostats of Honeywell.

LG U+ and Honeywell signed a business agreement with each other in May this year to work on the IoT thermostat service. The two companies are planning to continue to combine their techniques and products with each other.

“We are currently working on a widget service and connection to an AI speaker so that users can enjoy IoT services in an even more convenient way, to say nothing of heating cost reduction in winter,” said Lee Jae-won, LG U+ managing director in charge of home IoT product development.


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